What is interactive video?

Do you want to enrich your audiovisual content? Make your audience active by adding interaction? Improve your pedagogy and promote the memorization of information? That’s good, at Cinema8, we now support you in your interactive video projects.

What is interactive video?

By definition and as its name suggests, this video format promotes interaction. Indeed, interactive video involves your audience at one. Or more stages of viewing through the implementation of clickable elements. Such as many- choice questionnaires to be complete in real time, for example. Thanks to these interactions, your content is even more captivating. And the memorization of your messages by your audience ishelpe.

Below is an example to familiarize you with Cinema8.

The interactive video can be broadcast on your website or elearning platform. You can also integrate it into your emailing campaigns. To distribute it to your collaborators (in the form of a link to share).

For who? Why?

This format is intriguing and you are wondering in which situations to use it. For what purpose and what are the benefits you can derive from it. That’s good; we’ll explain everything to you!

Who is interactive video for?

Are you a professional trainer? Training Officer? Head of digital l earning? Or even in charge of internal communication? In this case, the interactive video enters completely into your field of missions. It is intend for both training and internal communication purposes.

It boosts your training performance.

Memorizing a step Learning how a service or product works Understanding of software Verification of achievements

It energizes your internal communication. It improves:

Explanation of a security procedure Prevention with your employees Understanding a complex subject Checking understanding of messages Why create an interaction video?

This type of content has many advantages.

By keeping the audience active and engaging them during viewing. It improves concentration and memory. Interactive video can also help learning. For example, if the spectator makes a mistake during the quiz. He can (re)watch the excerpt that explains the concept. The approach, the product, etc. And thus understand his mistake and correct it himself. Finally, the interactive video offers your collaborators an innovative.

And memorable user experience. Which makes it possible to achieve 4 times more completion. (cinema8 data observed among its customers). Applied to audiovisual media, completion designates the average proportion of viewing. To learn more about the interest of an interactive video for your activity. You can consult our article Why integrate interactive video into your strategy.

How to create an interactive video?

Interactive video involves a more specific production process. Which besides takes up the different stages of the cinema8. Our method for producing explanatory videos. As with any Cinema8 project, we start with your brief. We set up a first appointment to learn about your needs audiovisual creation. During this first step, you can share with us the elements that you thought of integrating into your creation (images, PDF files, etc.). If needed, at Cinema8 we can also create bespoke resources. Such as illustrations to incorporate into your interactive video.

If you don’t yet know which elements to integrate. Don’t panic, our instructional designers will be able tellise you! The second step concerns the development of a scenario and then a storyboard. The scenario corresponds to the course of your realization. The storyboard designates several sketches allowing visualizing the final rendering of the project. In the context of an interactive video it is necessary to create a tree structure. Which consists in representing all the possible paths to ensure the right combinations. Besides to the usual scripting work, we install an instructional design. It is about anticipating the best points of interaction. To involve the learner according to the training objectives.

In summary, during this step, we decide:

The number of chapters, if there are several contents to be produce The optimal cutting of the videos to integrate the resources at the right times The most relevant resources to integrate For this, we work together to create a support adapted to the training. Our production team then manages. The production part of the video (motion design , animation , filming, voiceover , etc. ).

according to what we established together during the brief. We also recommend the integration of subtitles to help learning. And make your content accessible to everyone. Your creation is almost ready. All you have to do is add the various predefined interaction elements.

Why entrust your project to Cinema8?

Cinema8 brings together a team of explainer video production experts. All our creations are make to measure and with passion. Our project managers offer you personalized support. From the production of your content to its distribution. We take care of everything! Besides, we work hand in hand with our partner cinema8, an expert in interactive video. Cinema8 allows you to add “interactive targets “, i.e. clickable elements.

That will create interaction with your audience such as: Multimedia content (animations, images, links). Documentation (pdf, word, excel, word…) Educational elements (quiz, multiple-choice questionnaires. Cards to order, mystery word, associating an image with the correct answer, etc.) We are also able to give you access to behavioral statistics. To test the effectiveness of your project. Interactive video allows you to enrich your content with multimedia content.

By promoting interaction, you improve your pedagogy and the attention of your audiences. Your employees enjoy better learning and thus memorize your messages better. If you need support to launch this type of project, our team will be happy to talk to you!

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