Follow Steps To Troubleshoot Epson Printer Communication Error

One of the most common problems is the communication error with the printer. When the printer cannot understand the command, it can enter a communication error. This happens if the driver has not been installed or isn’t working properly. Some users report that they get communication errors even though the driver is working correctly. It is possible to identify the causes of communication problems and Epson error code oxf1 and find solutions.

Install Epson printer driver

If you encounter a communication error after connecting the printer to a new computer, then make sure that the printer driver is installed. When you install the driver, your Epson will accept the print command. The Epson driver is the bridge between your computer and the printer that takes the command and delivers it to the printer. You will need to install a driver if your computer does not have one. Look for the Epson CD. The setup can be copied and run on the system. If the user is unable to use the CD, he can download the setup directly from the website. Find the Epson driver for your model and then install it. Connect your computer to the printer. Send a print command to check for Epson communication errors.

Check the driver

Even though they have a driver, some users experience communication problems. For the latest Epson driver update, users should check their Epson driver. The driver may display a communication error if it is out of date. To check the Epson software, you can go to your programs folder. Right-click the program to open the update menu. Install the Epson driver update if it is available. Repair your driver if the driver fails to work because of corrupted files. Repair tools are available for the system. You can also reinstall your driver. You can uninstall the driver by going to the driver page. Go to the Epson website again and reinstall the driver. Connect your printer again and verify that you have not made an error.

Connect the Epson printer

When the printer has connection problems, users can receive a communication error Epson. This error is most common with wireless connections. When connecting the printer, make sure to check the WPS pin of the router. You can use the standard connection method to connect the printer with the network if the WPS pin isn’t available on your router. If you’re using WPS, you can try to restart it. Wait for a while before you disable the WPS. Now enable the WPS button, and then press the Wi-Fi button. Select your network from the list and the printer will be connected. Now, go to your computer to check the status. If the error occurs with a wired printer connection, they will use another cable to link the printer.

Install the printer driver

The old printer drivers may be the reason you encounter communication issues with your Epson printer. If you’re looking to fix it, you can install the driver of your printer from software for your device using the official site for the option. If you’re not able to manually install the drivers You can also employ the driver installation software called ‘driver simple to accomplish the job. The program will identify the drivers that are outdated and then upgrade your device to the latest drivers.

The printer should be reset

When you’ve completed the steps above You must reset your printer by making use of the button resetter. However, before doing that you get the file. After you have completed the download, you can extract the file to press the reset button. This will allow you to identify the cause of the problem on your device.

Run Windows 10 printer troubleshooter

Communication errors can be cause by system printer file issues. The printer troubleshooter will locate the files that are causing the error. Go to the Troubleshooter tab in Windows 10. Check for Epson printer communication errors by running your printer troubleshooter.

Remove the printhead

If the printer’s printhead stops working, your printer will inform you. Every printer’s printhead must be clean regularly to avoid printing errors. The utility tool can be use to clean the Epson printer’s printhead. This tool can remove dried ink from your printhead. Before you run the utility tool, make sure to inspect the ink-out light. When the ink-out light has gone out, you can run the utility tool.

  1. The Epson program is open
  2. Click on the Utility tab
  3. Make sure to clean the head

Follow the instructions on the screen and the printer’s power light will begin to blink. The power lamp will stop blinking after you have completed the cleaning. Take a test print of the system to check for Epson communication errors. If the user is unable to troubleshoot the communication issue manually, he should contact Epson technical support for assistance.

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