Best Interactive Videos On YouTube

Video content has been on the rise for several years. While some people still prefer to read when seeking information, many turn to video when they want to learn about different topics or engage in an immersive experience. Unlike traditional linear video, interactive video on YouTube can offer audiences a different perspective.

Experts previously predicted that video would account for 75% of all new online content in 2020 on mobile, and YouTube’s interactive video is leading the charge. If some do not see its potential, interactive video allows the public to have an enjoyable, informative and immersive experience at the same time. In this article, you are going to discover the 10 best examples of YouTube interactive videos. Check them out!

What is an interactive video?

Why You Should Choose Interactive Video

Examples of interactive videos

Best Interactive Video Editor – Cinema8

If you want your interactive video to be more interesting and engaging, the best thing is to use Cinema8 to edit it. Cinema8 is beginner-friendly, so you can quickly make an interactive video. It offers different text/title templates to highlight your content and 300+ effects/overlays to make your video unique. It is the best interactive video editor for promoting your brand or product. Download it and give it a try! Cinema8 Business also allows you to make videos of products or brands. So you can use it to make an engaging video by taking advantage of the built-in royalty-free music and a growing resource library.

What is an interactive video?

Definition: Interactive videos are a type of video where the audience can interact with what they see. With normal video, the audience takes a single trip as envisioned by the content creator. The only options available to him are to pause, fast forward, rewind, or exit the video completely.

With interactive videos, the options are more numerous. And the viewer can take different paths, depending on the possibilities they choose throughout the video. We are dealing with dynamic content that will lead the public on surprising journeys. Even those who are skeptical of interaction videos will find them enjoyable.

With interactive video, brands can achieve better customer engagement. Content creators can tell a story with different endings. And those who make it their mission to produce something creative can take their audience on a journey with them. Interactive YouTube video is the future – there’s no doubt about it.

These videos are useful for organizations, up-and-coming content creators, companies aspiring to bring products to market, and enthusiasts who just want to create fun and engaging content. Here are some examples of interactive videos, which show how some content creators are already taking advantage of this unique vector.

Why You Should Choose Interactive Video

Interactive video is very trendy right now

Have you ever noticed that more and more brands tend to use interactive video to promote their product no matter it’s a big or a small brand? Certain statistics strongly testify that it is widely accepted by the market. 23% of marketers said they had used interactive video, and 83% felt it was a successful campaign for them. If you’re not sure what kind of video to make, why not try interactive video?

Interactive video replaces linear video

People have known about linear video for a long time, but there are also times when you want to try something new, especially if your audience is tired of repeating the same type of video. In this case, interactive video is an important tool to display your new ideas. Your audience will have an interaction video with your brand or product. They will be able to choose the content they want to watch, and thus, in a way, their interest in your business will be higher than with a linear video.

Interactive video is tractable

Traditionally, there’s only one way to measure the impact of your video: view rate. This is a great indicator of your video quality, but there’s still no effective way to track your video. In contrast, with interactive video, you can analyze your video’s clicks, view path viewers would like to choose, date viewed, and more. You can use Rapt, Sportful to trace data from an interactive video.

Examples of interactive videos


Here is a very simple example of an interactive video. This is a participatory story in which the audience has a role to play in the outcome of the story. Two explorers are stuck in a temple and must find a way out. If the graphics may seem simplistic, the journey is anything but simple. And giving the audience the ability to choose the end of the story is particularly empowering.

 Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle is a fun Disney Channel video featuring a character from a popular television show as they start their day and check in with their family? The video not only shows viewers a glimpse of the character’s routine as he prepares for his day, but also engages the audience by letting them chooses their outfit and other accessories.

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