Video SEO Tips That You Shouldn’t Miss 

Videos are revolutionizing the segment of digital marketing for brands and businesses. The videos are more effective in communicating a message through visual and audio content. Some companies adopt video advertising, making it a highly competitive area to break in. The lack of video optimization will prevent the videos from reaching the target audience. A comprehensive SEO strategy to optimize videos is key to creating a sales funnel by increasing video visibility for the target audience and higher engagement.

Are you putting all your heart and soul into creating unique video content for businesses without getting enough views? SEO optimization ranks the videos higher on search engines and increases views from the target audience. Here are some video SEO tips to increase organic traffic, lead conversion, and sales.

video SEO tips

Content Optimization and Planning 

Content Optimization and Planning 

The first step toward video SEO is planning the content and optimizing it. Before using SEO strategies, have a strong storyline or exciting content. Eliminate the fluff, cut video, trim relevant parts, and put them together to create crisp content. Focusing extensively on just SEO and not the quality can affect the overall strategy of improving organic traffic and engagement. Here are some tips to optimize the content as part of SEO:

  • Before uploading the video, understand the latest algorithms for search engines and social media platforms. For example, the Instagram algorithm currently supports short-form videos, whereas YouTube supports long-form videos.
  • Cut video with video trimmers and editors to create concise, engaging, and crisp content to relay the message. 
  • Creating responsive video content with a higher number of mobile phone users is a must. Make sure to use mobile optimization for video SEO.
  • Do not limit to sharing content on just one or two platforms. Upload the video across various platforms like social media, blogs, websites etc. A video on the landing page with the correct CTA increases conversions. Websites embedded with video get higher views and organic reach.

Use the Power of Keywords 

Keyword planning is a powerful tool to optimize video SEO and increase organic traffic. For SEO optimization of the videos, make sure to do thorough keyword research. Here are a few ways to implement the power of keywords for video SEO:

  • Include target keyword in the title – Make sure to use a target keyword in the video title. The title is the first thing viewers notice and perhaps fuels the decision to open the link and watch the video. Make sure to use the target keyword relevant to the video content. However, do not force the keywords and fit the title naturally.
  • Write keyword-rich video description – Irrespective of the platform, a space to write a brief description of the video is available everywhere. While embedding a video on a blog or website, use keywords to write the description content. Leverage the power of description by adding relevant keywords and the proper keyword density.
  • Write different content on different platforms – Avoid the mistake of putting the same content everywhere. While posting the videos on social media or any other platform, diversify the text and enrich the content with keywords. Diversify and use top keywords to spread content on various platforms. Tag the shared content with relevant keywords with the hashtag to make it searchable.

Thumbnail Optimization 

Overlooking the thumbnail can cost you heavily from an SEO point of view. Attractive thumbnails for the video are one of the most convincing ways for viewers to click on the video link and watch the video. Always optimize the thumbnail to make it eye-catching, attractive, and engaging enough for the viewers to click. Along with the title of the video, the thumbnail is crucial to give an insight into the content of the video, which in turn impacts the number of clicks, views, and shares. According to Creators Academy, 90% of the viral and high-performing YouTube videos have a customized thumbnail.

Add Subtitles and Captions 

The use of subtitles and closed captions is another essential element to boost the search optimization for the videos. Use target keywords in the subtitles and captions to improve the relevance. Search engines index those videos more, which have captions and subtitles. The higher the integration of text attached to the video, the easier it becomes for the search engine to recognize and rank the video. Use an SRT file and text transcript that auto-syncs with the video for generating the subtitles.

Collaborate with Other Video Creators 

Collaborate with Other Video Creators 

There are several ways to collaborate with video creators and improve organic traffic. Collaborating with YouTuber creators or relevant brands improves video SEO through link building. A higher number of backlinks for your video gives more ranking for the video on search engines. Collaboration makes it easy to reciprocate a link, provide a shout, and share on social media, leading to higher exposure. Try to collaborate with social media influencers or YouTuber creators with many followers to create engagement.

Follow the Trend and Interact with Viewers 

Trends are annoying but give an excellent boost to the videos. Jump into the trend bandwagon and create video content with a fresh twist. Add a new angle to the video content while following the trend and getting more relevance and visibility.

Make time to interact with the viewers and take in constructive feedback. Ask viewers what kind of content they want to see and take the feedback seriously. Your audience is your strength, and the more they watch and share your video, the higher the ranking and visibility of the content. The ranking of the videos largely depends on the likes, comments, shares etc., and is hence mainly contributed by the audience.


Experimenting with unique video content is essential as it is visually engaging. Many brands and businesses use video marketing to scale their reach and engagement and create a sales funnel through lead conversion. However, the integration of video SEO is essential to rank the videos high on search engines and reach the target audience. The article shares a few tips and SEO essentials that can turn your video marketing strategy into success.

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