Top 6 Myths Regarding SEO That Simply Aren’t True

In reality, nobody knows exactly how search engines operate. We make assumptions based on well-educated guesses and things that have worked in the past. There’s so much more to them than meets the eye, and this has resulted in several myths surrounding their use.

common SEO myths

If you’re in a hurry to design your site, you can’t afford to waste time separating the truth from the lies. If you find yourself in this position, then fear not! This post will run down the top six most common SEO myths – that simply aren’t true.

It’s A One-Time Thing

So, you’ve fully optimized your site, whether by using an SEO agency or going solo. Does that mean the job is done? Absolutely not. The Internet is ever-evolving and changing, and that means your site will have to do the same. It’s an ongoing process and will demand your attention consistently. Making the most of your website won’t come with ease, so don’t expect it to.

SEO Is An Overnight Fix

SEO Is An Overnight Fix

Speaking of consistency, you’ll need a long-term commitment. Undoubtedly, it’s the day and age of the quick-fix solution. ‘Lose belly fat in 5 minutes, ‘Get rich in 2 days. We’ve all seen those adverts plastered around various web pages, and they’re clearly not true. The same is true of SEO. Enlisting the help of an SEO agency does significantly speed up the process, but it still won’t be done in a day! A little patience goes a long way.

There’s One, The Magic Keyword That’s Right For You

Do you want to rank highly for ‘music’? How about ‘football’? Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. Most sites that revolve around terms like this don’t even rank highly for them. Think about what people will type in that search bar. Rarely will someone type ‘music’. They’ll type in ‘best rock songs’ or ‘EDM festivals 2016’. Consider this in your approach to keywords.

Social Media Doesn’t Matter

Social Media

Yes, yes it does. Social media is a form of link building, which helps companies boost their online presence. Every retweet and every share is an extra link back to you and your website. If you aren’t present on Pinterest, Twitter, and the like, you’re missing out.

Multiple Links To The Same Domain Are Pointless

Link Building

A quality link is still a quality link, regardless if how many times you use it. Sites like Forbes, Mashable, and Engadget will never lose their sheen, and rank highly for a reason. Using solid links like these across your website will do you the world of good.

More Content Is Better

Like most things in life, quality over quantity applies here. Sure, you could pump out blog post after blog post every single day, but why? It’ll be unfocused and may lack relevance. Search engines value relevant content in their algorithms; so staying focused and on the topic is key.

Myths busted! Hopefully, you’ve been able to glean some useful nuggets of advice from this post. SEO is a complex topic, so staying well-informed is imperative. Thanks for reading!

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