7 Steps To Polish Your Vinyl Floor Polishing Perth

Do you want to make your vinyl floors sparkling clean and shiny? Have your vinyl floors lost their luster? Are you unfamiliar with the vinyl floor polishing steps? In this article, you will know in detail about the vinyl floor polishing process, step by step. Vinyl floor Polishing Perth always looks attractive and durable. These floors are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

You can keep your vinyl floors in a tip-top shape for years by regular vacuuming and mopping. But over time, they will start looking dull and lose their shine due to various reasons. Now don’t get overburdened when you require cleaning or in the need of Vinyl Floor polishing in Perth.  Here, you need to polish your vinyl floors. So let’s read in detail about the vinyl floor polishing steps:

Step 01: Choosing the cleaning solution for vinyl floors

Selecting the right cleaning solution for the floor is very important. As vinyl is resilient, harsh chemicals of various cleaning detergents can damage the protective layer of your floors. Without having a protective layer on your vinyl floors, it can cause some scratches, stains, or other damages to your floors. When it comes to getting Vinyl Floor Polishing in Perth it can be done cost-effectively.

The best way to clean your vinyl floors is by using organic and eco-friendly cleaning products. Always try to choose the specific vinyl floor cleaning products. You can consult it with professional vinyl floor polishers and use the cleaning products as per their recommendations. Some ordinary cleaning products can leave a stubborn residue or maybe some scratch on your floors. So always choose the best and right cleaning product for your vinyl floors.

Step 02: Remove the old finishing from your vinyl floors

To start the vinyl polishing process, remove the old finishing from your floor, then apply the new one. But make sure that your floors are thoroughly clean. Do vacuuming or dry mopping on the floor to remove all the dirt and debris. Don’t do wet-mopping on the floor because you are going to apply a liquid stripper. After you remove old polish then add up Vinyl Floor Polishing in Perth you can make it a win-win situation for you.

Also, make sure that you are applying the right stripper for vinyl floors according to professional recommendations. Apply a thin coat of stripping solution on the floors and allow it to sit or absorb. Clean up all the edges by using a damp cloth. Also, leave it to dry.  If this doesn’t work well then you require Vinyl floor polishing in Perth that can bring its shine back.

Step 03: Clean the vinyl floor

It is the necessary step of floor polishing. Remove all the dirt from the floor surface and vacuum the floors by attaching a soft bristle to avoid any scratch. Also, cover every nook of the floor surface. Never use an excessively wet mop on the vinyl floors because it can cause the risk of moisture. Thoroughly clean all the dust from it. Our Vinyl Floor Polishing in Perth is also incomparable for the neat and tidy look.

Step 04: Preparing the polishing solution

After cleaning the vinyl floors, prepare the polishing solution. Always use the vinyl floor polishing products according to the professional’s recommendations. They will tell you about some great vinyl polishing products to achieve stunning results. Always use the products by reading product instructions.  We have come up with a convenient solution for vinyl floor polishing in Perth.

If you want a natural floor polishing process, then a mixture of baking soda and vinegar is the best solution to get back the shiny look of your timber floors.

Step 05: Polish or shine vinyl floors by simple natural methods

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar plays a vital role in achieving the best results for shiny floors. Also, mix baking soda in warm water and apply it thoroughly on the floor with a mop. Then use a microfiber cloth to rinse off all the solutions to avoid residue. Then leave it to dry.

Moreover, white vinegar is the best cleaning agent. It works as the best sanitizer and cleans all the buildup grease, stains, dirt, or dust from your vinyl floors. Moreover, it gives your floors a new shiny look. You can also use alcohol to remove any layer of grease or stubborn stains from your floors. It will effectively clean your floors and make them new.

Professional Vinyl Floor Polishing in Perth Process

Here you read a simple vinyl floor polishing process and some methods that can help you in bringing back the shiny look of your floors. But hiring professional floor polishers is the best choice ever. They have a huge experience in polishing or are well-trained. They always use environmentally-friendly and organic products for polishing that will never damage your floors. Professional and experienced polishers always use advanced equipment and machinery to get back the shiny luster of your vinyl floors.


Vinyl floors have become very popular due to their durability and low maintenance. Daily vacuuming, mopping, or dusting helps to maintain your floors. But polishing the floor twice a year helps to prolong the life of your floors and gives it a new shiny look. By polishing you can give a new life to your dull vinyl floors.

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