Mobile Apps & How They Strengthen Your Business

In the past, we here at iWeb Solution have been through an enormous number of great reasons to get involved with mobile marketing. And, given that app use makes up almost half of all Internet traffic, we thought we would look into how you can use apps to strengthen your business. Read on to find out more in our comprehensive guide.

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch Mobile Apps

First of all, your business can’t rely on keeping in touch with all your customers through traditional marketing tactics same as SEO. Tools like emails and direct mail can certainly be useful. But, if you want more from your mobile marketing, an app relevant to your business and industry brings it in spades. Every time they use your app you have a chance to communicate a message or get feedback. It’s an ideal opportunity – can you afford to miss it?

Easy To Build

Easy to build

Apps are cost-effective marketing tools and it has never been easier to create something that aligns with your business goals. Try getting in touch with your local app developers and see if you can come up with some ideas on how to exploit the market. As long as you tie in the app with your business goals, there is a lot of room for creativity and interesting ideas – and it won’t cost the earth.

Better Overall Marketing

Better Overall Marketing

Your app will also give you an excellent opportunity to provide exclusive offers, promotions, and discounts. And, they will go straight to your customer, and you can track how successful they have been. Again, you can rely on your clients and audience to see these offers in real-time. It’s a great way of measuring the success of your campaigns, too. You can encourage repeat business, offer loyalty bonuses, and even notify people who are close by that you have an offer available.

Increase Footfall

Increase Footfall

As we mentioned above, apps can be an excellent way to bring people into your retail store, too. For example, perhaps you could look at geolocation applications, which will alert individuals who are close by. You could fire off a message to them that they have 20% off if they come to the store and make a purchase within the next twenty minutes. You could even integrate them into your social media channels. Apps are an ideal way of getting messages to your customers whenever you want.

Personal Service

Personal Service

You can also create a more personal service for every one of your customers with mobile apps. Let’s say you are an online retailer of shoes, and someone is out and about and sees a pair of trainers they like in a different store. They can connect to you in an instant and see if you will match their price, or even beat it. Apps can give you far more opportunities to connect with your customers in ways that simply did not exist before.

So, there you have it – some excellent reasons to investigate app development for your business. If you have experience with apps at your company, feel free to let us know about it. We love to hear stories – whether they are positive or negative. Keep us posted!

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