Loulouka Stage 3 Baby Formula

Loulouka Stage 3 baby formula is a well-balanced milk-based baby food formulated with organic Swiss cow’s milk. It is designed to meet the complex needs of your growing baby. It’s packed with essential vitamins, fats, and minerals. The patented recipe was developed over several years by a team with decades of industry experience. It contains everything your newborn needs to grow and thrive.

Loulouka Stage 3 is recommended for babies who are six to 10 months old. It contains organic skimmed milk, maltodextrin, and vegetable oils (olive, coconut, and rapeseed). It also contains added nutrients like antioxidants and refined fish oil. The ingredients list does not contain palm oil or corn syrup solids. For babies over six months, the USDA recommends that parents use Loulouka Stage 3 with their child.

Rich in iron:

Loulouka Stage 3 is ideal for babies from six months to 10 months of age. Each 500g box contains 44 bottles. This baby formula is rich in iron, and has DHA/ARA and maltodextrin, making it a great choice for infants. It has slightly more calories per serving than Stage 2, but is not intended to replace breast milk. This formula is available in several flavors to fit your needs and your budget.

Loulouka Stage 3 is ideal for babies between six months and ten months of age. It is made with Swiss organic cow milk and has no artificial herbicides or pesticides. It comes in 900 gram steel tins and contains DHA, which is essential for eye-sight and brain development. It contains vitamins A, C, D, and ALA, and has coconut oil for improved fat and calcium absorption.


Loulouka Stage 3 is designed for infants ten months and up. It is an ideal choice for parents who are looking to use formula into toddlerhood. It has more iron than Stage 1, and the added DHA/ARA and maltodextrin helps to absorb the nutrients in the milk. It is also suitable for babies from six months to ten years of age. A bottle of this milkshake will contain approximately 900 grams of milk.

Loulouka Stage 3 is intended for infants up to ten months of age. It contains a 500-gram box of formula powder and instructions for preparing it. Compared to Stage 1, this milkshake is rich in iron and DHA/ARA, which are essential for the growth of the child. It also contains a higher level of calcium and magnesium than Stage 2. It is recommended for babies between 6 and ten months.

Excellent alternative:

Stage 3 is the next step in formula for children older than six months. It contains more iron than Stage 1 and is an excellent choice for parents who wish to continue using formula into toddlerhood. It is not a substitute for breast milk but it is an excellent alternative for parents who want to provide their infant with a nutritious and delicious meal. While Loulouka is suitable for babies up to ten months of age, it should be given only to older children as a last option.

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Loulouka Stage 3 Ingredients include Organic Skimmed Milk and Demineralized Whey Powder, and organic vegetable oils. The powder is rich in minerals, Vitamin D, and L-tyrosine. It also contains a variety of other nutrients necessary for your baby’s growth and development. The milk used in Stage 3 is made from certified organic Swiss cow’s milk, so the ingredients are pure and nutritious.


Loulouka Stage 3 is a milk-based formula for babies who are at least 10 months old. It is the perfect choice for parents who wish to continue using the formula past the toddler stage. Compared to Stage 1, this formula contains more iron and added DHA/ARA. It also contains slightly more calories, but should not be used as a breastmilk supplement. It is important to consult your pediatrician for more details.

Loulouka Stage 3 is a dairy-based milk formula for toddlers who are 10 months old. The formula contains natural, organic, and unprocessed ingredients. The first two Loulouka stages contain L-tyrosine, which is a chemical that can cause allergic reactions in some babies. Fortunately, Loulouka Stage 3 has fewer chemicals than its predecessors and is suitable for infants who are older than 10 months.

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