What Are Key Features Of A Successful E-Commerce Store? [6 Features]

An eCommerce store must have a good design so that it can interact with more users. If the eCommerce store is more user friendly, then it will get more traffic. And according to different studies, e-commerce only has 10 seconds to leave a good impression and convey what they will find on your web site. It is the crucial period to make customer happy. After that time, they will leave. In this article, you will know what are the key features of a successful e-commerce store.

Key Features of a Successful E-Commerce Store

1. An effecting eCommerce website design

An effective eCommerce website will catch the audience’s attention and force them to stay on the website. So if you are planning to have an eCommerce store for your business, keep these pointers in mind when hiring a web developer for it:

Make sure what will the purpose of your eCommerce website

One of the primary keys to web design for eCommerce is usability. An eCommerce website design company in Delhi must allow simple and practical navigation to its users both in PC and mobile versions. Visual consistency in eCommerce web design serves a greater purpose: usability. And it is that visual coherence establishes a particular pattern that instructs our visitors on how they should move and how they should use our site.

We can see how Amazon and Flipkart have created a very simple but perfectly usable page for the user.

2. Blank spaces

Blank space will help us focus the users who enter our online store on what interests us. And that is precisely its power, attract or repel the potential client’s attention to direct the action.

Therefore, the idea is to use this essential element in graphic design to give order and structure to the design of an eCommerce, focus the user’s attention on what matters, and provide a more structured and clear image.

3. Color range

Colors also help us to highlight elements in an eCommerce, mostly complementary colors. Color theory is worth studying when creating any design element; however, we will take a few brush strokes to create a knowledge base. On a color wheel like the one below, the complementary color will be the one right in front of the color in question. For example, the complementary color of yellow is magenta, or that of green is red. These colors will help us attract more attention, so it can be very useful to create CTAs (Call to Actions), the design offers, or make any other element that you want to highlight.

However, here we also have to talk about additional colors. For example, the additional colors of orange are ocher and red. This will help us to choose a harmonious color palette for the general design of our eCommerce.

4.The Typography of the website

This is one of the main features on which each web designer has to focus. Always try to use those fonts which are supported by browsers of mobile and computer and PC both. Use fonts which are eye catching. . However, with the new web fonts, it is possible to use any font that we want to use.

As a general rule, fonts are usually measured in pixels. It is best to work with fonts around 12 pixels, which allow easier and more fluid reading of the text on the screen. And it is that size does matter, at least as far as typography is concerned. A very small typeface will make it difficult for the user to read, and a very large typeface will take up too much space and not be harmonious. In the middle is a virtue.

5. The Balance between different elements of the site

It is necessary to balance all the features that control the design of an e-commerce store. We must run away from circumstances in which the whole thing is resolute around the same point. And is that a website is like a scale, and the whole thing must be situated in such a way that there is balanced between all the elements of the site with which it is composed.

Likewise, it is crucial to take into account that they are not discordant elements (we return to harmony again), creating an overall image, which allows the user to identify the web as part of a whole. Kitoinfocom provides all the services that make a website catchy and appealing.

6. E-commerce Store must be search Engine Friendly

During the design, the web designer must keep in mind that that site must be SEO friendly. As e-commerce sore are built for the purpose of getting online traffic. If they are not Search engine friendly, then it becomes difficult to get traffic. In that case, the eCommerce store has no use. 

Best Ecommerce websites in India

Many successful eCommerce Websites in India provide a mobile-friendly interface to their visitors. Having a user-friendly website, one can hire a company listed in a famous eCommerce website design company in India.

Kitoinfocom.com is the best eCommerce website design company in Delhi. They are able to offer quality web development services at very reasonable rates. So If need eCommerce web development, then call them.

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