How To Directly Contact Recruiters On LinkedIn?

Contacting hiring managers on LinkedIn is an excellent way to get your name out there… if you do it correctly.

If you have been looking for work for a more extended period, you already understand this hard reality: it’s challenging to find a job. It is not always enjoyable, and it often can be highly frightening.

However, contacting hiring managers on LinkedIn is entirely socially acceptable, even though it can feel awkward to be so direct. Anyway, what is the purpose of its platform – don’t be afraid! Because 93 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to locate applicants, you should take advantage of it.

When it comes to job searching, we must make the first move and look beyond job boards and widely advertised advertisements.

Each day, hiring managers are overwhelmed with message requests from eager job seekers. Some are accepted, whereas others are overlooked.

Hiring managers are very interested in working with people who have gone out of their way to find what they want. It demonstrates motivation, commitment, passion, and willingness to work for a specific organization.

What Is LinkedIn In Mail?

LinkedIn InMail is a messaging tool that allows users to send a brief note to other LinkedIn users’ inboxes.

Inmail (premium version) enables you to communicate with members you are not connected to directly. Basic messaging (free version) restricts your note to direct relationships, LinkedIn group members, and other invite requests.

Why Using LinkedIn Necessary?

LinkedIn is among the most well-known professional networking platforms in the world. It’s a networking tool that allows you to interact with like-minded people and where you can upload your resume and highlight your professional skills and experience.

It is also a place designed for recruitment, and it can be a helpful tool for connecting with people who are liable for recruitment campaigns.

Some Tips for Directly Contact with Recruiters

Here are several tips for direct contact with recruiters, which includes:

1. Ensure you have the right person

Make sure you have the right individual in mind before considering how to contact hiring managers or recruiters on LinkedIn. Enter your industry, and the word “recruiter,” for example; “marketing recruiter.” is a great way to find recruiters. You can also use LinkedIn to identify local recruiters by narrowing your search results by location. Ensure the hiring manager or recruiter is still engaged and has not moved to another position or sector.

2. Don’t start with LinkedIn

However, it can appear paradoxical. You must start a conversation with a recruiter on a platform apart from LinkedIn, such as Twitter, where they will receive an alert with your name. When you connect with that individual on LinkedIn, they’ll be able to identify your name and face.

After engaging with a recruiter out of LinkedIn, see their LinkedIn profile and ensure your privacy settings are set to allow others to see your name and tagline when you have seen their profile. It will enable the recruiter to see your profile, and often the recruiter can also ask to communicate with you before requesting to share details with them.

3. Send a personalized connection request

You have approached a recruiter through another platform, checked their LinkedIn profile, and are now finally ready to connect. But hold off before clicking the blue “Connect” button! It would be best if you first found out what to say.

It’s crucial to include a message to your connection requests. If you receive a connection request from anyone you have never met if there’s no message? Most probably not. Adding a message will provide you a much excellent acceptance rate while reaching out to hiring managers on LinkedIn.

What’s the most effective way to begin this message? When it comes to contacting hiring managers on LinkedIn, job applicants must start with anything personal to grab their attention. Perhaps you went to the same college as this recruiter, or maybe you have a mutual connection. If so, ask that individual for an intro.

4. Send the recruiter or hiring manager your resume

When the hiring manager or recruiter approves your connection request, send an email or a LinkedIn message to be more direct. If a recruiter’s email address isn’t mentioned under “Contact information” on their profile, send a LinkedIn message.

Send a message to the hiring manager explaining your experience, skills, and what you are still searching for in some brief phrases, as well as attaching your CV. Request if a voice call between the two of you would be helpful.

5. Keep it Short and Have a Call to Action

No one wants to read a lengthy message, so keeping your message brief and easy is usually a good option. Do not waste your time spewing nonsense up their butts or extolling your accomplishments. If your LinkedIn profile is optimized, including a handful of suggestions, it will do that for you.

The most important thing is to use a call to action. How will the person reading your note know how to reply if you don’t understand what you want or state your condition clearly? 

6. Get Specific with Your Goals and Targets

Before contacting any recruiters, do some in-depth investigation about the type of work you seek. Create a list of target jobs and organizations to improve your search rather than just considering your field.

To limit your search, be clear about the job titles you want. Organizations will not be seeking a “marketing guy.” They will be hiring a Senior Marketing Associate, Digital Marketing Associate, Content Marketing Manager, etc.

Some Key Takeaways

Now you understand how to contact recruiters on LinkedIn, what happens next? Contacting hiring managers on LinkedIn is an excellent way to get your name out there… if you do it correctly.

Hiring managers are very interested in working with people who have gone out of their way to find what they want. It demonstrates motivation, commitment, passion, and willingness to work for a specific organization. If your current company’s job is not oriented to your long-term goals, consider taking immediate measures. Give yourself time and think about where you’d like to be in the next few years. Feel free to contact JobsPivot for more jobs in Singapore .

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