Hair Transplant in Lahore | FUE or FUT | which one is best?

Suppose you’ve been considering getting a hair transplant in Lahore procedure for a while. 

The Transplant Of Follicular Units (FUT)

Organelle of the Follicle A thin strip of tissue removes from the back and sides of the skull and used in the transplant or strip procedure. The strip dissects into individual follicular units (grafts) using stereo-microscopic dissection. The grafts keeps in a solution for storing tissue until they are ready to transplantation.

When the patient desires the largest head of hair possible, then FUT recommends since it typically (not always, but generally) yields a larger hair yield. The advantage comes from the accuracy of stereomicroscopic dissection and the ease with which cells take from a more specific part of the donor region.

Even if you’re set on FUT, looking for a well-versed surgeon in FUT and FUE is best if you need a hybrid solution. This is especially sure to happen if;

  • Because the scalp is too tight, no more strips need to take.
  • The scar is now bigger and needs to hide.

Since there is more supporting tissue around the follicles in FUT, the graft quality is better, and it is an excellent choice for people who don’t mind having a scar. Many people don’t mind the scar because they let their hair grow out in the back, which hides it. Also, FUT is less expensive than FUE because it takes less time.

Extraction of Follicular Units (FUE)

In FUT, a strip takes out, but in FUE, hair follicles take out through minor, circular cuts. In this case, the donor area is bigger than in FUT, and the scars are more minor, round, and spread out. With the help of automated systems and hand-held tools that have made the procedure more accurate, technological progress has also helped the procedure become more popular.

The main benefit of FUE is that it doesn’t leave a linear scar, which means you can heal faster. This is a treat for people who want short hair but don’t want to worry about how to hide the scar. FUE steps in to help when;

  • The scar could get bigger.
  • The scalp is loose or slack and can’t strips.

Both procedures give good results, but they apply for different things. But here are a few more basic things that should consider.

Donor Hair

The hair at the edges of the donor area is more likely to fall out over time (the balding process), while the hair in the middle is more likely to stay put. FUT takes strips from the middle part of the head, while FUE can take hair from a larger area.

Bottom line: Balding could happen to some of the hair follicles that takes out during FUE.

During FUE, only about 20% of hair follicles make it to the harvesting stage. During FUT, a whole strip of hair selected. To get enough hair grafts, the surgeon then tries to take hair from more places, which thins out the hair in the donor area. In short, there is a chance that FUE will thin out the donor area.

Even though the incisions are small and can’t see, they change the surrounding tissues and make the subsequent sessions more challenging. In the end, scarring limits and tight in FUT, but it is widespread in FUE.


Scarring is the most basic and clear difference between the two procedures. FUT leaves behind a scar that runs along the hairline. FUE doesn’t leave behind a long scar. Instead, it leaves behind tiny dots that aren’t noticeable even with short hair.

But suppose a person who has already had a FUT decides to have another procedure. In that case, the strip removed during the second procedure removes the first linear scar, leaving only one. 

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Graft Quality

In FUT, hair is carefully cut out of the strip using a microscope, leaving the tissue intact after it takes off the scalp. If the cut isn’t deep enough, the Unit might removes without the bottom part. This could damage the grafts and cause the yield to be lower.

This part has come a long way with experienced teams that know how to extract hair correctly using FUE techniques. Finding a hair transplant surgeon with a team with decades of experience specializing in both procedures is significant.

In a nutshell, whether you need FUT or FUE depends partly on what you want and how important it is to you and partly on what a surgeon with enough clinical knowledge and skills to do both well thinks is best for you.

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