Gynecomastia in Lahore | Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Want to deal with man-boob problems but worrying about the cost? Because the surgery for gynecomastia in Lahore can easily cost you 150,000 rupees, which is a lot of money. There are a lot of different clinics to choose from, and each has a different set of services and prices.

What do you get for your money? What factors determine how much something will cost of Gynecomastia in Lahore in the end? Before you jump on a “deal,” there are a few things to remember. Think about the risks and whether you are willing to take them for lower costs.

Read on and pay attention to these tips to ensure that the money you spend on surgery will be well spent and give you the desired results.


In every surgery, the first step is the pre-op consultation. Most of the time, these cost money, but if you end up having surgery at the facility, they’ll give you your money back. However, some clinics offer it for free without strings attached. You might need to look in more places to find reputable clinics working with you on this. A first consultation could cost anywhere from 150K to 250K in Lahore.

How big the problem is

Depending on the type of gynecomastia treatment in Lahore, the amount of surgery needed to fix it and the cost of that surgery can vary. Breast cancer can look like breast tissue growth or the development of breast tissue and fat.

Paying the Surgeon a Fee

The price of the surgeon’s work will take up a big chunk of the money that is available. This number will depend on how skilled and well-known the surgeon is.

Even if money is tight, the price of the surgery shouldn’t be your primary concern. On the other hand, the cost of a surgeon’s services shouldn’t be a factor in selecting a trustworthy professional. When choosing a professional, you should give the most weight to their knowledge and credentials in the field. It won’t be cheap, but you should choose someone who cares a lot about doing a good job.

Think about the fact that you may have to add the fee for the surgical assistant to the fee for the surgeon.

The Method of Procedure Needed

The cost may also change depending on the tasks that need to treat. Most surgeries to treat gynecomastia involve taking out some breast tissue. Liposuction may be necessary if there is too much fat in the target area.

Several kinds of anesthesia

How long your surgery is will determine what kind of anesthesia you need. Some patients only require a local anesthetic, but others may need to sedate through an IV. Intravenous sedation is more expensive, but it may be the only way to make you sleep in severe cases of gynecomastia.

Also, you will need to plan for the cost of the anesthesiologist. During your appointment, you can ask about this if you want to.

How much it costs to go to the hospital or the theatre

The cost depends on how long you’ll be there. The cost also changes based on where the operation takes place. Any hospital, not just ones that focus on cosmetic surgery or aesthetics, could be a place to hold the event.

Charges Nearby

If your breasts suddenly get more significant, your doctor may want to do tests to find out why. During the consultation, the doctor will find out if surgery is essential.

There are also extra costs for compression garments and surgical drains. Drains will create in the area of surgery to eliminate any fluid or blood that builds up and could slow the healing process. After surgery, your doctor will place a compression garment on your chest. You’ll have to wear it for a few months so that your chest can get used to its new shape.

Care After Removing Male Breasts

You need to consider the costs of aftercare for gynecomastia surgery in Lahore if you want an entire financial plan. The package will include antibiotics, painkillers, more compression garments, and follow-up appointments.

Total Estimated Expenses

Based on the data, the cost of Gynecomastia surgery in Lahore could range from 5,000 to 250,000, with 100,000 being the average. Also, about 5,000 people from all over Pakistan visit there every year.

Book Appointment:

This must be a long-term or recurring problem.

Even if, at first, it seems limiting. To determine if you qualify, you must first make an appointment for a consultation. Before agreeing to pay for surgery, your insurance company will want to see proof of your medical condition and a list of all the costs.

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