December Global Holidays – Full List With Dates and Significance

December is observed as the most fun-filled festive month throughout the world. Many people also refer to December Global Holidays by the term “World of Holidays.” It is a month of celebration of big-fat carnivals, including Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, and many more.

December Holidays or Winter Holidays are loaded with parties and carnivals. Some are classic and some are for fun and frolicking. December is celebrated on all manner of occasions around the world, including spiritual, artistic, and corporate events. We have covered some of December’s Global Holidays observed around the world in the below section. So without wasting time, let us all dive into the article and know more about these festivals in detail.

December Global Holidays List

December Global Holidays List

You may discover it engaging that some of our Santa Claus traditions arrived from St. Nicholas Day. Look at the December Global Holidays List below to learn more interesting festive days falling in December. 

  • World AIDS Day  
  •   Krampusnacht  
  •   Bodhi Day  
  •   Feast of the Immaculate Conception  
  •   Hanukkah  
  •   Human Rights Day  
  •   St. Lucia Day  
  •   Las Posadas  
  •   International Human Solidarity Day  
  •   Winter Solstice  
  •   Christmas Eve  
  •   Christmas  
  •   St. Stephen’s Day  
  •   Boxing Day  
  •   Kwanzaa  
  •  Omisoka
  • New Year’s Eve

December Global Holidays And Their Significance

People around the world are going, beginning with the carnival of the December Global Holidays, and have even initiated their preparation for the same. You can see the list of the most common Winter Holidays across the world below with their dates & significance.

DateDecember HolidaySignificance
1st DecemberWorld AIDS DayThe primary purpose of World AIDS Day is to encourage people around to get tested for HIV and confirm their reports and status.
5th DecemberKrampusnachtCelebrated on 5th December by the people of Austria 
08th DecemberBodhi DayTo celebrate the day of Siddharth Gautam’s spiritual enlightenment and his achievements.
8th DecemberFeast of the Immaculate ConceptionPatronal feast day falling on 08th December to celebrate vital mainstay of Catholic education in America, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Korea, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the Philippines, Spain, and Uruguay
December 18th – December 26thHanukkahTo remember an ancient miracle, people light up a menorah (a special candle holder) for eight straight days. 
10th DecemberHuman Rights DayEvery year on Human Rights Day, the UN holds an event to honor the declaration’s adoption and discuss progress made in the struggle to protect human rights.
13th DecemberSt. Lucia DayOn this day, Girls in Sweden dress up like “Lucia brides” wearing long white gowns with red sashes, and a wreath of burning candles on their heads to honor a third-century saint.
16 to 24 DecemberLas PosadasPeople throughout Mexico and Guatemala celebrate this festival from 16th to 24th December to give tribute to the Norse God Odin
20th DecemberInternational Human Solidarity DayInternational Human Solidarity Day celebrates this idea and encourages everyone to think about enabling human solidarity in their own lives.
21st DecemberWinter SolsticeComes around 21st December and is the shortest day of winter. People light up bonfires and candles to lure back the sun.
24th DecemberChristmas EveJesus is a savior who brought hope and joy to the world, and as a tribute, people happily celebrate this blissful eve of Christmas.
25th DecemberChristmasChristmas celebrations last from Christmas Eve to 6th January and people celebrate it differently in every country. Some celebrate it with traditions and some for gifts.
26th DecemberSt. Stephen’s DayThis parody holiday is observed in the United States on 26th December and the significance of this day is to advocate against Christmas industrialism
26th DecemberBoxing DayTo appreciate the services and admire the benefits of the workers.
26th Dec  to 01st JanKwanzaaKwanzaa is a spiritual holiday observed from 26th December to 1st January. During these holidays, African Americans wrap up in amazing dresses, decorate their homes with fruits and vegetables, and light a kinara (candle holder).
31st DecemberOmisokaOmisoka is the Japanese tradition of welcoming the New Year 
31st DecemberNew Year’s EveNew Year’s Eve is celebrated filled with fun and excitement throughout the world to mark the end of the year and welcome the upcoming year with charms & happiness.

Let us see the above festivals in detail.

World AIDS day

World AIDS day

Since 1988, people are celebrating World AIDS Day every year on December 1st to increase global understanding and support those living with HIV/AIDS. This December international holiday is also a chance to recognize all those who have yielded their lives to AIDS-related diseases. One of the quick goals of World AIDS Day is to inspire people around to get a push for HIV and ensure their reports and status. It is also a period to encourage prevention messages and examine ways to decrease the risk of acquiring the virus. In addition, World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people impacted by HIV/AIDS to share their survival tales and adventures. 

Place of Celebration– International 

The Reason For Celebration – To raise understanding regarding HIV/AIDS infection and support people affected.


Krampusnacht is a festival of the arrival of Krampus, a wicked creature who penalizes naughty children. The festival’s roots are unclear, but it may contain emerged as a way to frighten children into conducting during the Christmas season. Krampusnacht is observed in regions of Europe at the start of December month and festivals may differ from town to town. Many young men may dress as dangerous creatures in some cities and go door-to-door, scaring children. This has evolved into one of the nationwide December global holidays in Europe where individuals party or parades and enjoy yummy food, drinks, and music.

Place of Celebration– Austria, Germany, and other alpine countries

The Reason For Celebration – To punish naughty and disobedient children.

Bodhi Day 

Bodhi Day 

Bodhi Day is observed on 8 December to celebrate the culture of Siddhartha Gautama, who evolved the Buddha Shakyamuni behind his first bite of freedom. The carnival has become famous in some nations as an alternative New Year festival, particularly for Buddhists. Buddhists’ primary day of compliance, Bodhi Day is marked by faith gatherings worldwide. It celebrates the victory of Buddha’s supreme sense into spiritual truth and his demise. This lovely day of learning is also known as Sambuddhatva Jayanthi, representing ‘the birthday or Awakening of Sambuddha.’ The culture of the Buddha is an important event in the past of humankind. 

Place of Celebration – Japan

The Reason For Celebration – To honor the day of Siddharth Gautam’s spiritual civilization and his achievements.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a day to deliver praise to the Holy Virgin Mary. Catholics acknowledge that God gave Mary to us as our mom, and they observe her birthday on December 8th each year. It has been acknowledged that Mary was selected as Jesus’s mommy by God as she was refined and saintly without any evil. On that account, Catholics observe Feast of the Immaculate Conception day by heading to church on this day for praying. They may also create a special prayer called a “novena,” spoken nine times in a row to thank or ask her for assistance. 

Place of Celebration – Argentina, United States, Brazil, Philippines, Spain, Portugal, and many other catholic states. 

The Reason For Celebration – To honor Blessed Virgin Mary’s conception without misdeed and sin.



Honored for eight days long, Hanukkah is one of the main December global holidays when Jewish individuals get together with relatives and friends. The celebration started in Israel, and the story went around Jews when they were battling back against the Greeks. They discovered a little jug of oil that would probably last for one day. But wondrously, it kept up for 8 days rather! So Hanukkah is considered to be an anniversary of that gift. People eat certain foods during Hanukkah like latkes (potato pancakes) and jelly cakes. Today, Hanukkah has been observed in around 21 countries worldwide, and people are discovering more about the Jewish legacy. 

Place of Celebration – Jerusalem, Israel

The Reason For Celebration – Win of Jews aka Maccabees over Syrian Greeks in recovering the temple of Jerusalem. 

Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is one of the crucial December global festivities that is observed all over the world on 10th December each year. On this day, the United Nations General Assembly assumed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Every year on Human Rights Day, the UN carries an event to celebrate the declaration’s adoption and examine the progress made in the fight to defend human rights. Some of the human rights consecrated in the UDHR retain the freedom to live, liberty, independence from slavery, and much more. 

Place of Celebration – International 

The Reason For Celebration – To celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adoption in 1948. 

St. Lucia’s Day

St. Lucia's Day

Another significant global December holiday, St. Lucia’s Day, is observed to spend homage to the arrival of a bright star in the sky, which led the three Kings to Bethlehem to see newborn baby Jesus. One standard way the day is observed is by providing children gift baskets that include standard St. Lucia’s Day items like candles, cookies, and fruits. Further, many people praise by singing Christmas hymns and swapping gifts. Another typical tradition associated with St. Lucia’s Day is sporting a wreath of candles on your skull. People also thought that Saint Lucia used to bring meals and support Christians who were being incorrectly treated during periods of pressure. 

Place of Celebration – Sweden, Norway

The Reason For Celebration -To celebrate the Italian Saint Lucia under the Great Persecution of 303 AD. 

Las Posadas

A piece of Christmas festival, Las Posadas, believes the plightful trip of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph. It has been thought that Mary and Joseph were exploring for a cover to bring Jesus to life, but no one let them in. The cover was established after a long effort, and the reason Las Posadas is observed is to adore that moment of hospitality. Today, this celebration is generally celebrated by buddies and relatives who cheerfully go from one home to another, singing classic songs while pursuing shelter. The people who live in the homes typically deliver them food and drinks. 

Place of Celebration – Mexico and some parts of the United States

The Reason For Celebration – To honor the journey of Mary and Joseph when they were in pursuit of safe shelter.

International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day is to celebrate the founding of the International Red Cross in 1863. The day also honors the basic principles of the International Red Cross, which are humankind, impartiality, objectivity, and freedom. Human solidarity is the international agreement that we are all individuals and all commit. International Human Solidarity Day honors this vision and urges everyone to think about promoting human solidarity in their own lives. This significant day of the December global festivities 2022 is also a reminder that we are all related and should do our best.

Place of Celebration– International 

The Reason For Celebration encourages equality, freedom, social justice, and cooperation among humans. 

Winter Solstice or Yule

One of the coldest days of the December global holidays, the Winter solstice marks the shortest day and lengthiest night of the year in the Northern region. People cal it winter solstice because it celebrates when days start to grow longer. This usually brings place yearly, around December 21st each year. Also directed to as Yule or Midwinter compliance, some shared fun patterns appear everywhere. Such as caroling home to home after dark, candles inside document bags (to stop fires), hanging branches of evergreen plants inside one’s home, it was putting up a trimmed evergreen tree, and providing gifts to family or friends.

Place of Celebration– Antarctica

The Reason For Celebration – To honor shorter days and longer nights.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

One of the critical December global festivities, Christmas Eve is a day of home gatherings for some, and for some, it is a day to accompany church assistance. People happily praise the 24th December global holiday as a character and ritual of Christmas ceremonies. The one standard element that unites everyone is that our planet was dark before we had ray: Jesus arrived down to Earth. Jesus is a rescuer who brought yearning and happiness to the world, and as praise, people cheerfully honor this blissful eve of Christmas. Some print this bright day by going to church or expending time with their relatives, while some party and reunite with their companions. People cook excellent food like ham and cookies on this day. 

Place of Celebration– Majorly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

The Reason For Celebration – To honor the birth of Jesus.


Being a vital part of the December Global festivities, Christmas is a celebration for various reasons. According to Christians, the most typical cause includes the birth of Jesus Christ, who was a saint and the son of God. Another reason for observing this special day is reuniting and consuming time with buddies and family. This is the most comfortable time when people jointly honor and sip good food and business presents. Whatever your motivation for honoring Christmas, it’s a wonderful time to take a holiday from the everyday practice and enjoy some memorable moments with the people you love. 

Place of Celebration– Majorly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

The Reason For Celebration – To celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Boxing Day’s public holiday drops the following day after Christmas and people traditionally give boxes of meals and money to housekeepers and the poor. One of the beautiful December global holidays is Boxing day. Everybody appreciates it and celebrates it by shopping sales or heading to the beach. Numerous countries consider it an important holiday after Christmas. This day is respect of assistance, and we offer hearty awards to the people who perform for you like mail carriers, employees, guards, chefs, etc. They are also provided with appreciation notes, gifts, and prizes. 

Place of Celebration– Australia, United States, Bahamas, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria

The Reason For Celebration – To appreciate the services and admire the workers’ benefits.

St. Stephen’s Day

Observed each year on 26th December, people recognize St. Stephen’s Day as when rocks killed St. Stephen after sermonizing to his people for 40 days. The myth Stephen died carrying a stone given to him before Lord Jesus, who pledged to him that none of his followers would ever die from it. He was a Roman Catholic priest and later decreed as the first Christian King of Hungary in Esztergom (Hungary) on the exact date around 1000 AD. One of the crucial December global holidays in the UK. People remember this day with classic dishes such as squeezed cabbage and buckwheat dumplings understood as Halushky.

Place of Celebration – In more than 25 countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, and Denmark

The Reason For Celebration -To keep alive the remembrance of Saint Stephen and respect his journey as the first Christian martyr.



Amongst the December global festivities that get together family, civilization, and society, Kwanzaa is observed for 7 – days long and is dedicated to the seven principles. The principles include Unity, Collective Accountability, Self-Determination, Imagination, Purpose, Cooperative Economics, and Faith. These are also comprehended as Nguzo Saba or ‘the seven regulations that show the celebration of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa’s founder Maulana Karenga says, “the Nguzo Saba are African sayings that offer guiding regulations for behavior—equivalent to what we call values and morality.” During this period, people generally gather together to honor and share food, music, and gifts, complementing candles lighting each day of the holiday. 

Place of Celebration– Africa and some parts of the United States

The Reason For Celebration – To commemorate the African American heritage and culture.

New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve

The most compelling and the last December’s Global holidays, New Year’s Eve, denotes a change from one year to another. The celebrations for this event are done worldwide but in different ways and customs. Some nations traditionally praise by throwing large parties or hosting outdoor shows; others choose quieter celebrations such as swapping good wishes or consuming traditional foods together. Some spiritual groups regard New Year’s Eve as a day to offer thanks for the year that has expired and to implore for a good year ahead. New Year’s Eve is also seen as a time for review and setting personal goals for the coming year in some parts of the world.

Place of Celebration – Worldwide

The Reason For Celebration – To commemorate the transition from one year to another and welcome New Year with a lot of yearning. 


Now you have a rough idea about the festivals celebrated in December you can plan your leaves accordingly to enjoy them.

Have a happy holiday!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many holidays are in December?

Answer: December global holidays begin from the start and stay until the month’s end. However, for every country, there are other holidays in December. Typically, there are around 15 holidays in December.

Q: Are Christmas Day and Boxing Day paid holidays?

Answer: Yes, Christmas and Boxing days fall as underpaid holidays in many nations. However, the rules may differ from country to country.

Q: How many global December holidays are in 2022?

Answer: According to December global holidays 2022 Google, there are approximately 14 international holidays in December 2022.

Q: What are the December global holidays lyrics and chords?

Answer: Playing musical notes, string numbering, finger placements, and chord combinations are part of global December holidays lyrics and chords.

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