Content Marketing Trends

Maintaining a steady flow of content has been seasoning content managers since the advent of online content. More content means more keywords, more search engine robots, more pages to find out what your business is, more search results, more users.

AI-based content marketing is an important trend that will continue beyond 2022. Use it to improve the personalization of your website content, such as recognizing repeaters, providing in-app recommendations, and targeting specific email campaigns based on user behavior and purchasing patterns.

MGC (Machine Generated Content) is the future way to scale the content that can be indexed on your site. Before you crush and break the rake, listen to our voice. It is true that MGC is still a bit lagging behind when it comes to the human voice. However, it has grown exponentially over the past two years, and you should pay attention to it. 2022 may be a year ahead to explore how AI and MGC content marketing can scale instead of replacing content creation machines.

AR and VR

One of the fastest growing content marketing trends in working on interactive content is AR. It is an augmented or virtual reality program that immerses people in an artificial 360 * world and offers new ways to try and buy products.

This type of content is now entering the mainstream and promises to be the next step in the evolution of brand and product marketing. For copywriters and content authors, descriptive text and a clear call to action are essential to encourage users to use augmented reality. If you work in virtual reality, it requires strong visual and written storytelling skills, as well as the ability to connect them easily.

Virtual and mixed events

The pandemic has swiftly shifted from face-to-face meetings and events to an almost entirely virtual world. Most of these changes were builds of the “MVP” version or short term fixes that companies tried to adjust. The world struggled to rebuild in 2021 but it still has a long way to go as virtual and hybrid events are still at their peak.

2022 will be the years in which this trend will translate into a new reality, taking into account both personal comfort and hybrid work situations. From a content marketing perspective, virtual events pose many exciting challenges, whether you’re hosting a webinar or broadcasting live on social media. In particular, this space is more populated than ever, so it’s important to keep the knowledge accumulated in 2020 and 2021 up-to-date.

The expanded social universe

Just as the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is in the next phase, we are in the next phase which can be called the “extended universe of social media”. From the new features of the old reserve to the maturity of TikTok as a platform and archetypal Old West marketers (such as Clubhouse and Discord), 2022 will see new opportunities for content marketing across a wider range of social media platforms. …

What hasn’t changed in content marketing?

Content marketing has some fundamentals that have remained fairly stable since it became an important part of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Backlinks are still valid

Google is known to regularly change the rules of its algorithms, but this may go unannounced. The news only seems to corroborate the results when SEO begins to notice unusual drops and spikes in the rankings. (And, of course, desperate emails to your SEO friends).

Creating content that deserves backlinks is an important thing to keep in mind when choosing your content marketing goals. Use the new content marketing trends above to tell us what it looks like. For example, are there old blog interactive post that can be turned into interactive infographics?

Cell phone first

Part of content marketing is to focus as much as possible on the content. But it’s probably more important to keep an eye on this and encourage additional activities like signing up or buying mailing lists. One way to dramatically increase the likelihood of this behavior is to optimize your content for mobile devices.

More than half of the world’s internet traffic goes through mobile devices and this number is expected to grow. Make sure your content is optimized for viewing on mobile devices and you can easily catch up with today’s consumers.

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