Attitude Quotes Are The New Wheaties

Remember those TV ads from your childhood where we were told to “eat” cereal so we could grow bigger and stronger like an athlete holding a box?

Would you like to swallow “vitamins for a good day” or eat magical cereals that guarantee efficient, satisfying and pleasant work?

In most cases, the reality is very different when the alarm clock rings on Monday morning. As adults, most of us have some idea of ​​what to expect in the upcoming work week. And since we know what’s going on in the office, we want to stay in bed when the alarm goes off.

Oh sure, hot showers, dressing, and breakfast, even if “breakfast” is a muffin hastily washed down with coffee on the way out the door. When we go to work, we know that we are interacting with colleagues, clients, bosses or owners in potentially difficult situations, and often we are more than expected.

Appointments, meetings – some planned others ominous – unexpected. The question comes. Who feels like? Will your new project/idea be approved? Are your customers happy with your work?

We also know that the mood of the day influences our work.

When we go to work with a positive attitude, we have a better chance of having a productive and successful day. We know that when we first wake up feeling negative, we need to refine our attitude.

That’s why I suggest inspirational attitude quotes. To me they are multivitamins for the soul. Attitude quotes are a source of strength and wisdom when you are feeling down. These are buyers when you feel you don’t have the strength to move on. It is the necessary clarity when everything is cloudy and the goal seems far away. And these are affirmations that praise your success when no one else is aware of it.

Here’s how to use appointments to maximize your energy and be as productive and positive as possible.

1. Memorize your favorite phrases and share them whenever you need to strengthen, break or soften them. If you remember some attitude quotes you care about, never without them and their immediate strong support.

2. Put attitude quotes on your necklace, ring and bracelet. If you don’t like jewelry, engrave your favorite attitude quotes on the gram mage or pay the artist to create calligraphy with the quote in the frame. Also, knowing that your reliable supply is always with you is an added boost. Your mantra is always there and you can touch it to remind yourself that you are strong.

3. Keep your favorite attitude quotes on the laminated cards in your wallet and pull them out when you need them to recharge your batteries.

4. Place attitude quotes on your car dashboard to view attitude quotes while driving or stuck in traffic. They will help you improve your mood, prepare for your next meeting with a positive attitude, manage traffic jams or process previous meetings in places of wisdom and peace.

5. Quote on the table, under the glass or on the front of the wall. This can increase inspiration and motivation and make the world feel better at first sight.

6. Share what you offer to help others through their bad days or difficult times. Hearing your favorite attitude quotes out loud will also help you remember them.

7. Before an important meeting or after a serious event, go to a quiet place and say your favorite words out loud or quietly. It really helps!

8. Say or think about your favorite attitude quotes morning and night to keep a positive attitude.

9. Make an offer of help or support when things get tight. It lifts you up and strengthens you.

10. Collect attitude quotes like other collectors. Hunting is exciting and great fun when you find something new.

11. Write your favorite attitude quotes in a journal and add more. It’s convenient to keep your file next to your bed or take it with you when you need a quick rest.

12. Put the quote on the carved stone, the amulet, and carry it in your pocket where you can touch it and know it’s there. If you need courage or are feeling down, remember that with the Touchstone you can do anything and everything is fine

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